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Day 32 of 363 blog post challenge: Lazy days

February 3, 2012

I missed the 31st day yesterday so I’m doing 2 entries today. Better late than never hey! Anyway, so we had a team building dinner last night with some of my colleagues at an Indian/Italian restaurant in Uptown Mirdiff called Mirchi. Indian and Italian cuisine in one restaurant, you probably already guessed it right that it won’t be that good. The pasta arabiatta tasted like biryani and the pizza looked like a toddler made it. I’m not really a big fan of Indian food as I don’t really like the curry-ish flavor they use but sure I can live with butter chicken and chicken biryani – so as long as I’m not going to eat it for a whole week.

After the dinner, some of us went to Crystal at Raffles Hotel and we got a NO-ENTRY-FOR-CERTAIN-NATIONALITIES-WHO-AREN’T-WEARING-ROBERTO-CAVALLI-DRESS policy. Don’t you just hate those kinds of places who are too stuck up, too superficial and very racist? If I’m not already used to it, I would have done a very angry blog post about it but oh well, who the hell cares? I never really wanted to go there in the first place. After being refused to enter, we head off to the place where we’re welcome with open arms – WAREHOUSE. Haha! We had a blast of course. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, the last time was probably my birthday and I forgot how much fun we usually have when we’re there. As I have always mentioned, it’s not the place that you’re in but the company that you’re with. I deserve a pat on the back though for not drinking a drop of alcohol the whole night, been filling my kidney with cranberry juice and sprite. Haha! Boring I know but it didn’t stop me from having a good time. It was also the first after a very long time to be with just straight guys on a nightout, I’ve never felt so protected and secure in my entire life. Hahaha. But of course, all of them (except for the one who’s married) were on a hunt for a single lady and I served as a lookout for them – pointing out a possible willing victim to them from hundreds of ladies on the dancefloor. :)

I’d post some photos but I’m not so sure if the “guys” I’m with would like it, so I’ll just post a photo of me and someone whose face is always seen on my blog: Poormond. :p

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