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Day 20 of 363 blog post challenge: My humble abode.

January 22, 2012

Clearly, I am running out of things to say on here. I should have known before taking up the challenge of posting a blog for a whole year that I’m very bad on follow through. I’ll probably give up on the second month but this I tell you, if I am able to keep it up for at least 6 months straight – I’d throw a huge party.

Anyway, so because I didn’t go out at all this weekend and I have nothing better to say – I thought why not blog about the place I live in? I had my fair share of staying in places you can not even imagine which as I look back to it now, is not really livable. When I first came to Dubai, I used to live with 4 other people in a make-shift room. It used to be a part of the living room but because a 2 bedroom apartment here in Dubai would cost you your liver and a good functioning kidney, they divided the living room to create another room and tried to fit 5 people in there. There was 1 bathroom for 8 working people and we had to line up in the morning for our turn to use it. No, I am not kidding. After a year and a half, I finally came to my senses that I could not live like that anymore. I transferred and lived with a friend in a sharing room (it’s a real room now and it’s only the two of us living there) and I was paying 4 times the amount that I was paying in the previous room. It was a big leap for me and I was struggling to make ends meet, what with my measly salary – I almost didn’t eat for months.

And then the roommate married and I transferred to a cheaper room by myself but I had to live with the nastiest and dirtiest people on earth. I think I just stayed there for a year and then I found the current place that I’m living in. The best thing about this place is, the owner is not a greedy hawk who would charge incredulous amount of rent for her spare room. We’re only 4 adults and a baby living in a huge 2 bedroom apartment and thankfully enough, we all get along. 90% of the time, I’m usually just inside my room – sleeping, watching a movie/tv series on my laptop or just plainly being lazy and I like it that way. I could never do that when I was living with 4 other people, I was usually out of the house then. Haha!

Now that I see it, I think I should probably call my it “the IKEA room”.

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  • Reply galangongo234 January 22, 2012 at 09:15

    kung maka-blog akala mo naman ang dami mong follower!

    • Reply Pinay Flying High January 22, 2012 at 10:39

      I know right? Thanks for commenting on that, I highly appreciate it. 😉

  • Reply trainwestcan2espano January 23, 2012 at 12:27

    try to keep it simple and conversational as if you are talking to one person, not making a report. Some may say “thinking aloud”. Its like watching the Australian Open Tennis championships on TV. Today all pleasure gone tomorrow. But for 2 months after we can write about special moments.
    Publish the photo hangman

    • Reply Pinay Flying High January 23, 2012 at 13:39

      Publish the hangman photo? Hahaha. Ok if you say so. I hope all’s well with you and Lynne.

  • Reply hayzismzle January 23, 2012 at 15:59

    your blog made me miss Dubai even more!

    • Reply Pinay Flying High January 23, 2012 at 20:50

      Well, it’s still the same I guess. Fast paced living and they still have the biggest, largest, tallest and grandest of everything in the whole world. :)

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